Image of “MARY-ANN” - Eyelashes

“MARY-ANN” - Eyelashes

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Named after Mary Ann Bevan who was known as the “ugliest woman in the world” but others like myself think she is the most beautiful person in the world. Mary Ann suffered from acromegaly which caused her abnormal growth and facial distortion.
After the death of her husband, with no breadwinner in the house, accumulating debts and financial needs of her 4 children she decided to enter the humiliating contest and won the offensive title of “Ugliest woman in the world” later she was hired by a circus and toured different cities where people came to laugh and humiliate her.
She endured the ridicule of others in order to raise her children and give them a better quality of life. She died in 1933.
To this day society judges people on their physical appearance, if our eyes could see souls instead of bodies, Mary Ann would have been known as the most beautiful woman in the world.
These fluffy lashes are perfect for any look and all occasions. All our lashes are handmade with care and created with a stunning silk finish, you will definitely love them as much as we do.

Our Beyoutiful lashes will last you approximately 25-30 uses with good care and as always, are 100% cruelty free.

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Image of “JAMIE” - Eyelashes
“JAMIE” - Eyelashes
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Image of “COCO” - Eyelashes
“COCO” - Eyelashes
£7.00 — Coming soon
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